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The Wisconsin Electrical Trades Council is an organization of and for electrical contractors, electricians, inspectors and suppliers. Our goal is to provide a forum for those who are involved in the electrical trade to share ideas, learn about new developments in the industry and continue our education so we can provide the very best in our chosen profession.

Through this website we hope to bring news and information about the WETC to our members and others who may be interested in the electrical trade.

Check back to learn more. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

Learn and grow with the WETC!

Understanding Often Overlooked Jobsite

Electrical and Safety Requirements

The first three sessions of this 6 hour  Code &
Safety Series have been completed - however, there are  three more chances to attend this important seminar in the coming months!

The next chance to attend will be in the lower Fox Valley Area  on July 21, 2022 at the Radisson Hotel Conference Center - Fond du Lac , WI

Click here or below for a detailed flyer and registration form!

> Do you perform electrical work in multi-use buildings or install 1000A or larger    services at 480V?  Are you aware that the NEC requires engineering level assessment & testing when planning this work?

> Did you know NFPA 70E states a facility (host employer) is required to make you and your employees aware of any hazards related to their electrical systems BEFORE you begin to install, modify, maintain, or service equipment?

> Did you know your employees are required to be informed and trained and MUST FOLLOW all safety protocols established by the facility where the work is being performed?

> Do your service agreements require work on energized equipment? Are you aware of what it means to be "qualified" to work on energized equipment?

Here is an excellent opportunity to gain the in-depth knowledge of NEC code requirements and NFPA 70E safety protocols that will improve the accuracy of your project estimates, increase your credibility as a contractor and increase you customer's confidence when your electricians are on the job site. 

(Seminar provides 6 CEU credits for maintenance of a WI Electrician's Credential.) 

Click here for a detailed flyer and registration form!

Upcoming Training Opportunities!

16-Hour Electrical Exam Prep Class

August 19-20, 2022 - Madison, WI

October 20-21, 2022 - Location TBD

Joe Hertel & Monte Ewing will again be offering their unique training, practice, insight and tips on how you can pass the Wisconsin Electrical Credentialing Exams using only the 2017 NEC and the SPS 316 Wisconsin Electrical Code.  This intense (2 - 8 hour days) session will provide the confidence you need to write the test and obtain your Master, Journeyman, or Inspectors License.  Plan for this key training just before you schedule your test date for best results. 

(Class provides 16 CEU credits for maintenance of a WI Electrician's Credential.) 

Click here for a detailed flyer and registration form!

Introduction to Solar P/V Code Requirements

Coming in September 2022

This 8-hour class was developed to introduce solar P/V code requirements to all levels of electricians.  If you have considered offering solar P/V installation and service as part of your business or contracting offering this is the class for you! The class will be held in a location that will provide a close up look at an actual solar installation and presented by certified solar P/V technicians. 

(Class provides 8 CEU credits for maintenance of a WI Electrician's Credential.)  

Flyer and registration form available July 31st!